Bankruptcy Attorney Carlsbad

Welcome to the official website of the law offices of Robert J Gavalla, the bankruptcy attorney Carlsbad residents trust.

If your bills and interest payments have gotten so out of hand that you can barely keep your head out of water, you might just need a free consultation with Robert J Gavalla. This free consultation can give you a clear heads up of where you are financially and what your legal options are.

Believe it or not, the US Bankruptcy Code helps consumers just like you get out from under crushing debt. There is a process available which can help you breathe easier and get your financial life back on track. That’s right-no more pesky collection agency phone calls and no more distressing credit card balances that continue to climb higher and higher as you try to keep up with finance charges.

Robert J Gavalla and staff are trained professionals who can help you achieve something you may have thought impossible-get your financial life in order.

We can help you with following professional services:

Assess your financial situation
Walk you through the exact state of your finances
Explore the many legal options made available to citizens in your situation such as financial help and loans
Explain the advantages and disadvantages of US Bankruptcy Code protections that may apply to you
Assist you through the proper forms and filings needed to ensure timely and correct bankruptcy proceedings
Explain each stage of the process as you make your way through the system

Thanks to our expert attorney services, you no longer have to be kept awake at all hours of the night worrying about

– an impending foreclosure of your main residence
– repeated calls from collection agencies
– figuring out how to respond to threatening collection letters
– racking your brains trying to come up with money that can’t even begin to cover your bills

Financial disaster can happen to the very best of us

It only takes one illness, one bad financial decision, or a series of unforeseen unfortunate events to throw even the most fiscally responsible American on the ropes.

At the Law Offices of Robert J Gavalla, we have helped many individuals such as yourself breathe easier and look forward to a brighter tomorrow. We work hard to identify the most optimal legal solutions to your financial distress. Our attention to detail and focused efforts have helped many individuals such as yourself successfully navigate the often complicated and confusing maze of US federal bankruptcy law.

Contact us today and get in touch with the kind of reassuring, experienced, and knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney Carlsbad residents have turned to over the years. By systematically and clearly going through your complete financial picture, we help you get a clear understanding of your finances and the options the law makes available to you. Whether you qualify for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, our lawyers our here to help you make sense of your exact legal situation.

We understand the pressure you’re under. We know how hard it can be. It must not be easy for you to remain optimistic at this point in time. We understand and sympathize. That’s why we need to you to call us today for some much needed legal relief.






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